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Paid-To-click abbreviated as PTC is an online business model that aims at drawing traffic from people who wish to generate income at home. PTC sites mediate between the advertisers and the customers. The theory behind this mechanism is very simple, the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC sites and the customer is paid a fraction of that payment when they view the ads. The PTC models has several other methods of earning such as completing some surveys, performing simple tasks, through referrals and also playing games. After earning, the users are supposed to redeem their earnings into cash through a series of gifts or payment processors.

How to earn money from PTC?

While you can earn money from PTC sites, you have to note that not all PTC sites pay and not every PTC site runs for a longer time. What this means is that you should be especially careful with your time. You need to first of all do a comprehensive research concerning the site you want to get into.

With PTC sites, you get paid for viewing ads, liking pages, viewing videos, completing surveys and also subscribing to YouTube. The other way to make money here is through their referral system. If you want to earn more, you can also upgrade your account to premium membership that provides you with multiple advantages. If you want to make money with PTC sites, then follow the below provisions.

Choose a legitimate site

As I had already said, it’s not all the PTC sites that are genuine. Some are there to waste your time and gain on other ways. In choosing the best PTC site, you only have to understand some small basics. Some of them include; they should have a forum. This forum is for all the people to join and share their experiences. If you are planning to join a particular site, then you first of all need to ensure you read experiences from other people.

Check for the highest paying PTC sites

The fact is that there are some of the highest paying PTC sites out there. Although it’s hard to detect a real site and a scam site, there’s one thing you can do and be sure. Go to Google and check for the top best sites. Choose those that pay the highest and check if there are any reviews.

Referrals are the only game changer

If you have already found a genuine site, then the next thing to focus on is how to make money. The fact is that there’s no better way of making money with PTC sites than through their referral system. Majority of the sites pay less when you click those ads and for this reason, you should look for alternative ways of earning more.

Learn here in detail, how to get unlimited referrals for free. I’m sure here you’ll find tons of ways of getting referrals.

The premium package might work for you

I had already stated that subscribing for the premium membership can get you more advantages. True, you have more ads to view and also have more mechanisms of making money. For this reason, if you are ambitious about making good money from PTC sites, then you should subscribe to the premium membership.

Final Words!

So, guys this is how the whole system works. I hope you have got at least an overview of the PTC sites. Start the work and best of luck!

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