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Along with planting trees and plants, it is our moral responsibility to reduce pollution. One way to reduce pollution is to grow more and more trees. Plantation of trees can decrease air pollution. Therefore you must grow trees, and for this, you can order plants online, but what about land pollution? Our amount has increased manifold from the last few years. We should curtail the amount of waste as much as we can. It is hard for governments to dispose of this much trash. When plastic is mixed with other forms of waste, it takes a lot more time to separate this from other waste and to take it out to recycle it. We can also do this by separately collecting the things made of plastic and other metals like iron and selling these to scrap dealers. When you sell old plastic to them, you can even earn some cash, so this is a better option of dealing with it instead of throwing it in waste. Plastic is one of the major reasons of pollution. Plastic is more durable than other kinds of material. Therefore we can only limit the use of plastic for important purposes but cannot completely ban it. As mentioned earlier, the production of plastic should be reduced, but what about the plastic which has already been produced? There is also a solution in which we can also reuse the plastic at our homes that we get in one way or another.

Why should you not buy cement or terracotta pots?

Cement and terracotta pots are heavy to lift and can be broken if falls. There are many plants that cannot bear extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Therefore these are required to be kept inside for their protection. While lifting terracotta or cement containers, one can hurt oneself because these can be heavy, especially for weak people. The soil in these heavy pots loses its moisture relatively faster than plastic pots. Water can easily pass out of terracotta pots as these are made of clay, and this will leave the soil dry. You will have to give more water, and this can be hectic for you.

How to reuse plastic bottles? 

Some people do not find reusable plastic bottles and containers attractive. They find them unpleasant, but with a little amount of effort, they can make them enticing. They should not waste money on buying designer containers; instead, they can make their own using old plastic. For long-lasting effects, you should do the following things.

  • Wash them properly 

Plastic bottles and containers should be washed properly before using them for plants. There should not be anything in your bottle which could harm your plant, so you properly clean them using soap or detergent and rub them using a sponge. The dirty bottles can also be stinky. After that, wash them properly with water so as to remove any residue of soap or detergent.

  • Make them ready for paint 

Make the surface of the bottle rough so the paint can stick to it. You can use the sandpaper to rub the surface of the bottle. If you do not do this, the paint will not last for a long time. After making the surface rough using sandpaper, you should apply the acrylic primer. With the help of the primer, the texture of your paint will not look good.

  • Show some creativity 

Now that your plastic bottle is ready to paint, use acrylic paint of your favourite colour and paint the unique design of your choice. If you are not so good at drawing, you can simply paint the bottle with one colour only, and this can also look captivating. This can improve your mood as well because it is advised by doctors to patients who are suffering from depression to do paintings. Hence, this can relieve your any kind of stress and make you feel happy.

  • Grow the plant that goes with the design or colour. 

Finally, you can grow the plant of your choice in this DIY hand made pot. You can even select the plant which complements the pot. Whether you buy plants from the market or do the shopping of indoor plants online, you should look for the plant, which can add to the beauty of your house because you should regret your decision of buying, so choose wisely.

You can also cut and give distinct shapes to your bottle. There can also be big and small city containers of plastic; you should also use them in the same way. You should paint your bottle using acrylic paint only as this paint works best on plastic and gives a better texture. You should avoid spray painting as this will not look good.

We take so many things from mother earth; therefore it is our responsibility to give back something to it. We must take care of its health.

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