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From increasing focus to concentration to improve quality of life to build confidence, martial art offers many mental and physical benefits. But what exactly a martial art is?

Well, martial art is a combination of different exercises, mental discipline and various other fighting techniques that helps in the growth and development of mind and body. Since martial art involves kicking, boxing, sparring, punching, and training, and you will sweat a good number of calories to remain fit and healthy. Further, it’s highly entertaining and most enjoyable form of art that will not make you feel bored.

If you are new to the form and pondering which moves to try one, here are 7 different forms of martial art that should not miss. Not only these art forms will make you physically strong, but will also make you mentally strong.

Karva Maga:

It involves fighting battles like in real-life situations. In karva manga, you will learn punches, kicks, tricks to fight in challenging situations, throws and more. The fight done in this form of martial art aims to put down the opponent without harming the person. The practice sessions of this art form require drills, intense workouts, hard-core training and more. You can also participate in training institutes like martial arts training in perth to learn high-end techniques.

Wing Chun Kung fu:

As the name says, this form of martial art roots from China but is practised in many different countries. The Wing Chun Kung Fu primarily focus on maintaining a balance between the mind and the body. The strenuous exercise will make your body strong. Also, you will get to learn many relaxing techniques and other things to stay aligned with mind and body.

You will be learning rapid strikes, punches and more in this. Since Wing Chun Kung Fu is a close combat technique, don’t try this if you have slow reflexes. However, if you want to improve concentration and balance in martial art, this could be the best!


From punching hard to kicking, kickboxing involves everything. In this, techniques are learned by drilling combos on Thai Pads. Once you become master in throwing strikes, you will get to know the real sparring to test your endurance. Kickboxing also includes stand-up grappling, called as clinch, which is important to learn to hit down the opponent.

Mixed Martial Art:

Mixed martial art, previously, was a face-off between two fighters but now it has become a full-fledged sport with a huge fan base. In this technique, you will learn different moves like naked choke, twister, guillotine choke, and other techniques. You will also learn how to jab, overhand, guard pass, which will help you beat the opponent.

Brazillian Jiu –Jitsu:

Jiu- Jitsu comes from judo and involves grappling the opponent. The rolling moves of jiu-jitsu are more like wrestling and involves rolling on the ground. This martial art technique will teach you how to become strong and firm on the ground.

Tae Kwon Do: 

This art form is more popular than any other martial art and is also the most common to be taught by trainers. Tae kwon do involve kicks, throws, punches, drills and other sparing techniques. You will get to learn relaxation techniques, breaking hard things like bricks and boards with hands, and many other standard cardiovascular exercises. Also, it’s tough and needs protective shields to stay protected from any injuries.

Martial art and its respective forms help in strengthening mind, body and also help in controlling anger,  and aggression. Also, it teaches self-respect, build confidence and boost stamina, that everyone should have. Further, doing these martial exercises can put the positive effect on your life and make you a better person!

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