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Think You Don’t Require Health & Safety?


January 14, 2019 03:47 PM

Do you feel as though something is missing within your workplace and maybe it is affecting the staff morale? Can’t quite put your finger on it? How about the safety of your employees, do they get the sense of security we should all feel when we arrive at work? The questions we should always ask ourselves yet more often than not they are forgotten and brushed to the side. Your staff are at the forefront of your business, a strong hardworking team keeps companies going and more importantly a happy team creates an environment that we all want to work in. The security of your staff is the most important factor to consider, they deserve to feel protected whilst working knowing that if anything was to happen within the workplace that required health and safety expert advice, there will be someone at hand to assist. So why does it go unnoticed so often, maybe the cost is what puts people off but would you prefer to pay the price of a health and safety training course or would you rather be held responsible for major injuries or even worse so fatalities.


Many business’ push health and safety training to one side as they feel that nothing could possibly go wrong at work that causes injuries, however there is always a possibility of an injury occurring and the damage to someone’s health is more important than you think. Hazards at work are everywhere, they can be large risk activities that are carried out such as manual-handling, heavy loads, machinery – you name it. These are all activities that can lead to an unfortunate injury if the correct procedures are not followed.


You may be thinking ‘I don’t work within a manual job’ but this is where we are at fault, there are more risks out there too which apply to an everyday office job that are minor things that can cause a sufficient amount of injuries. Something as simple as sitting in front of your computer all day without breaks can cause injuries without you knowing, straining your eyes, repetitive strain and one we all forget – bad posture at work. The way we position ourselves at work can cause injuries to our body such as back and neck strain, small unnoticeable things at first until it goes too far and we end up struggling to work due to the pain from being positioned incorrectly.


Without health and safety, it can affect the workplace in more ways than one, if we are not carrying out the correct procedures and accidents happen  this can have a knock on effect and cause the carrying out of tasks to be slowed down which can then lead to unfortunately losing clients if tasks are not being carried out correctly.


Health and safety becomes so important because it is the protection of your employees, visitors and your customers – it means good business when you have a good practice put in place for your health and safety and without it you can risk losing staff and be faced with a big hefty fine if somebody chooses to take legal action against you if they are involved in an accident.


Companies such as offer NEBOSH training courses to companies, matching their individual needs by choosing the correct path to suit what they need. If you are on the hunt for a provider, visit Phoenix Health and Safety to get expert advice and to book your course today.