Six DIY Tips and Tricks to Improve your Studio Apartments

Are you renting a condominium? Are you afraid to make some improvements because you might damage some areas? Well, you should be diligent in reading this article for the answers to your problems.

Condominiums like The Columns condo for rent, do not just encourage people to avail their cheap rental prices. They also encourage people to apply DIY home improvement techniques to make their apartments cozy and organized. Especially to studio type rooms that have limited space.

Check out these six efficient DIY techniques for your studio type apartment that would help you save up a lot of space:

  1. Build DIY bunk beds. Bunk beds are the perfect DIY bedroom accessory if you are not living alone. Given that there is limited space for two, three, or four people in your studio type apartment, you can’t afford to make your housemates sleep on the floor or buy single beds. That would take up all the space in your apartment. Bunk beds do not only conserve space, but it also allows you to make room for other rooms for some other furniture while allowing many people to have a place to sleep. Additional to that, even though it is hard to build, a do-it-yourself module is easy to search on the internet.

  2. Hang your home designs! A beautiful flower hanging by your window is such a sight. A bright lamp gliding side to side by your table does not only conserve your table’s space but is also a beautiful display of creativeness. A library by the wall is very organized and efficient. Moreover, DIY tutorials for those are available online, and these are not hard to create. How convenient is that?

  3. A sofa is too mainstream. Buy a Swing! A sofa takes a lot of space. Everybody knows that if you live in a small place, you should get rid of that large cushion. Having a Swing in your apartment is very cute. Plus, you do not have to create or build it! You just to buy it, look a place to tie it up, and there you have a substitute for your big sofa.

  4. A DIY hanging cabinet is an answer to your massive wardrobe problems. Everybody wants a large wardrobe to put their clothes on. Somehow, that is not going to be one of your options if you are living in a studio type home. A huge cabinet is going to take up a huge chunk of your floor. You don’t want that, right? On the brighter side, a DIY idea of a hanging cabinet would allow using the available air space on top to be your floating cabinet. You can search the Internet on how to build a hanging cabinet. Check it out now!

  5. Too many cups and glasses but your tiny kitchen is too cute? Hang them up! There are a lot of air space on top of your kitchen sink. Why not create a DIY cup holder and stick it up on the wall? That would be a great idea, right?

  6. No room for a shoe cabinet? Not a problem! There are a lot of DIY shoe rack ideas that can save you a lot of space in your place. You can hang your shoes using a towel hanger. You can build a shoe rack attached to walls. You have shoe pouches attached to your walls. These DIY ideas are far more efficient and trendy compared to those wooden shoe cabinets you’re eyeing at the malls.

That wraps up the six DIY tips and tricks for your cute place. Bear in mind that there are always more efficient and chic ways of doing things, especially in home improvements. Just use your imagination.

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