Why it’s not a Great Idea to Have Green Tea before Plastic Surgery?

Green tea is surely one of the healthiest drinks especially for the ones willing to boost their antioxidant levels. Alongside having great impact over the physical health, it’s proved to be the best tonic for lowering infection risks, boosting brain function, and potentially helping you lose weight. Conversely, the same “all good, all well” tea can cause harm if you have it few day or weeks before getting operated for the Plastic Surgery in UAE.

Moreover, it’s been confirmed that drinking green tea few days or weeks before the plastic surgery procedure can negatively impact the healing process or might even lead to greater risks during the cosmetic procedure. Let’s discuss few reasons as to why one shouldn’t have green tea before plastic surgery;

Potential Interaction with Medication

There are few natural compounds in the green tea that are likely to react with the certain medications. Consequently, the patient can have issues with the blood pressure and heart rate. In that case, it’s essential to consult with your specialist surgeon and get advice about any such intake you regularly have and can be harmful for your plastic surgery ahead.

Affecting Efficacy of Other Healing Medicines

Right after the surgery, the candidates are put on the medication and complete rest for few week. Within that time, it’s essential for them to keep up with their daily medicines and most of these are used for healing. Therefore, there must not be any sort of interaction with these medicine only then these would work at their best. Unfortunately, the green tea and other herbal intakes will actually alter the efficacy of certain medicine that are especially used for healing.

Depending upon the type of medicine the green tea can either make it less effective or more powerful. Both of these situations are harmful for the patient. Therefore, simply avoid having green tea few weeks before and after the Plastic Surgery in UAE.

Impact the Natural Blood Clotting Capacity

Every human body has sufficient amount of clotting capacity that helps naturally helps in healing. Though green tea has tons of health benefits but things don’t really turn up the same in case of Plastic Surgery in UAE. In fact, it slows down the natural blood clotting capacity of a human body after had after the surgery. Ironically, it will also increase the risk of complication during the surgical procedure if the clotting capacity is impeded. Consequently, the risk of blood loss is increased and it will eventually lengthen the healing period.

In a nutshell, it’s advisable that you communicate openly and honestly with the surgeon before you undergo any procedure. It would surely be beneficial as the expert would suggest the most suitable food that will help you keep up with your daily intakes without causing any harm to the surgery. Some doctors even provide the rapid recovery medication that help in quick healing so just consult with your doctor without doing anything by yourself.


Are you about to undergo the Plastic Surgery in UAE? You must then avoid having green tea, read the article to discover the reasons.

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