Majestic North: Take a Look at Some of the Most Treasured Destinations in Canada

Known as the second biggest country worldwide, the charm of Canada has no deficiency of stunning landscapes and unique places for tourists to explore.

The most famous attractions in Canada are a combination of the country’s most valued urban highlights and natural wonders. From one coast to another, Canada is truly a home to vivid and culturally abundant cities, together with jaw-dropping natural wonders.

Tourists in Canada can appreciate what urban living in this country has to offer. A lot are famous globally while others are not that known, but each contribute a positive drive towards the national identity of the country.

The Natural Magnificence of Niagara Falls

Canada’s most well-known natural attraction, Niagara Falls brings in around millions of guests every year. Situated just around an hour’s ride from Toronto, along with the border of The United States, these massive falls descend roughly around 57 meters.

Travelers can witness the falls at an amazingly close distance from the point at their top. The Niagara Falls have been fascinating vacationists and thrill-seekers for more than a century.

Gaze on the Iconic CN Tower of Toronto

On the borders of Lake Ontario in the largest city in Canada is the well-known CN Tower which is one of the most popular landmarks in Canada.

Known as one of the tallest towering structures in the world The CN Tower of Toronto rises to about 553 meters high. The building offers exquisite dining in the revolving restaurant of 360 where guests can savor a meal while gazing over the lake and city. There is also the Glass Floor and the LookOut, offering lovely views all over the town and beyond.

Even those people who decide not to go up the building will find themselves pausing to lay eyes on the structure, which is noticeable from nearly everywhere in the city. During night time, the tower lights up in different colors.

Recreation Culture of Stanley Park in Vancouver

One of the famous treasures in Vancouver is the 405- hectare public park known as Stanley Park. Conveniently situated on the west border of the downtown section, the Park is surrounded by water, and the home to the big Douglas fir and red cedar trees.

The park has an extensive path for biking, jogging, and walking with designated lanes for bikers and walkers which is perfect for those who want to start their morning with a healthy and physical routine.

From the seawall, there are a couple of delightful views of the town and mountains. A spectacular trip also winds through the Stanley Park with many pullouts. Book one in Deal Wiki now and feel the country’s enthusiastic environment.

Churchill’s Polar Bears

Canada’s one of the most notable attractions is the seasonal migration of polar bears that sees these animals make their move from land and out unto the floe in Hudson Bay, neighboring the town of Churchill situated in Northern Manitoba.

The small society opens itself up to visitors each fall. Journeys take guests out on tundra buggy adventures for close experiences with polar bears. The best season for viewing happens in October or November while the polar bears wait for the water to freeze before traveling out on the ice.

Recreational Zest in Whistler

Just a two-hour trip from Vancouver is the popular ski resort and the village of Whistler. While the town of Whistler has constantly been an essential winter sports domain, it has also grown into a favored summertime destination with mountain biking, golf, and a spirited town ambiance for the whole year.

The town earned wide international recognition in 2010 as it became one of the sites for the Winter Olympic Games. Whistler offers first-rate hotels, dining, skiing, along with other outdoor recreational activities and superb mountain scenery.


When we think about the country of Canada, we see a picture of snow-capped mountains or perhaps the rushing stream of the rivers. But, the country has indeed much to offer its visitors. Mentioned in this article are just some of the many attractions in Canada that we may want to experience at least once in our lifetime.

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