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April 13, 2020 01:41 AM

Beauty Facial Massage Superficial and Deep Cleansing

Every each of us desires to look beautiful. We search for beautiful things in every aspect of our lives. We create beauty according to our feelings and emotions. Beauty reflects harmony of the inner and the outer world. Beauty defines good health, vitality, joy and passion for life. True health is a state of wellbeing when one feels well in her being – it represents inner peace, calmness, awareness. A woman has who is grounded and centered within herself, who has a loving relationship with herself, will radiate enthusiasm and natural beauty. So, beauty is something much deeper than the external appearance – it is an expression of her soul. Skin is the exterior organ of the body and the vital part. Therefore, it is important to care for it.

To keep skin in a healthy state depends on many factors – diet rich of nutrients and minerals, quality of water and air, sleep, stress, emotional and mental health. You cannot possess a beautiful skin if your diet is full of processed, junk food, smoking or drinking alcohol regularly. You feed your cells with food you put on your plate and health of your cells determines your skin condition. The skin constantly renews itself, produces new cells and sheds them off.

The skin is divided into three layers – epidermis (the most outer); dermis and hypodermis (or subcutis). Dermis acts as the skin’s supporting system and contains blood vessels, nerves, hair roots, sebaceous glands and connective tissues. Dermis provides nourishment to the epidermis, removes waste products. Dermal layer contains collagen that holds everything together which gives vitality and youth to our skin. Collagen production decreases as we age.  The aging cannot be reversed however there is so much you can do, to age gracefully. Beauty facial massage, natural face lift massage, good skin regime, sun protection, healthy diet ensures that your skin will get what it needs to build new cells.