If Diamond Is Forever; So Is My Jewellery!

fashion jewellery

Diamonds are often considered a girl’s best friend. The thing is that diamonds are often thought of carrying a certain sort of symbolism. They signify steadfast love, unwavering commitment and the idea of being their forever. As a piece of jewellery they add to your look making you look regal and classy at the same instance. However they shouldn’t be your only accessories option. No wonder there is a rising popularity of fashion jewellery among fashionistas. Available in various forms including pearls, fine metals and gemstones etc. these are not only versatile but easy to work with different outfits. Here are some cool ways to work them around your outfit every day. Some of the most common types of jewellery  are necklace, rings, earrings, bracelet and anklets. Browse through the following tips and tricks to make sure that your bling adds to your stylish look.

  1. Opt for less :

Yes, jewelleries give a finishing touch to your outfit making you look more put together but that doesn’t mean that you should stack piles and piles of jewelleries. Always keep it to a minimum for a clean and stylish look. If you are wearing statement jewelleries make sure that you are not wearing too many of them so that it doesn’t look crowded. For instance if you are wearing a statement necklace, avoid wearing statement earrings or statement bracelet at the same time to keep it simple yet stylish. Similarly, if you are layering necklaces try not layering too many of them to keep everything clean and simple.

  1. Choose clothes wisely

With the rising popularity of fashion jewelleries we are tempted to add them to each and every outfit as they make us look more polished and chic. But you simply cannot go pairing everything with everything else. Some thought has to be put on which accessories t wear with different clothes to make sure that you appear modish and chic. For instance if you are wearing a big neck piece try keeping your dress simple so as to make sure that it doesn’t steal the focus away from your jewellery.

  1. Pay attention to necklines

Matching your neck jewellery with your necklines is an important step towards creating a beautiful look. For instance statement neck jewelleries look great with off shoulder, scoop neck, strapless or V neck dresses. However you should avoid pairing statement necklace with halter necks and collars etc. as it will clash with your jewellery creating a messy look.

  1. Accessorize your hands

Hand accessories come as the second favourite after neck accessories. Before you start wearing hand accessories make sure that you hand is properly groomed as accessories will bring attention to your hands. You can either opt for statement finger rings or go for ring stacking. Similarly, wear bracelets for a cool and charming look and bring attention to your manicured hands. Arm party is another wonderful way to accessorise your arms for a beautiful look and feel.


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