The 5 Places To Visit In Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in the kingdom, with 2,955,000 inhabitants. The economic capital concentrates a large part of the industrial production units. It is located on the Atlantic coast about 90 km south of the administrative capital of the country, Rabat. It is a large dynamic and modern agglomeration. Casablanca remains a destination apart in Morocco, far from the ambiances that one finds in Marrakech or Fez.Third tourist city of the country, Casablanca or the white house speaks to you of its colonial past through a part of its architecture that remained intact.

We offer you the 5 places to visit if you are passing through Casablanca.

  1. The Hassan II Mosque:

The great mosque of Casablanca is the third largest mosque in the world, after Mecca and the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. Built from 1988 to 1993 on the sea and spread over 9 hectares, this mosque has an overall capacity of 105,000 people.

It is the highest religious edifice in the world and its minaret culminates at 200m, twice the height of Notre Dame de Paris. At the top of the minaret, two lasers with a range of 30 km are permanently directed towards Mecca. 

The mosque was conceived with the concern to mix harmoniously modernism and Moroccan architecture. The frescoes, zelliges, Venetian stucco and cedar wood carved contribute to the prestige of the monument.In addition, the mosque includes a library, a Koranic school, a museum and several conference rooms.

  1. 2. The old Medina:

Completely destroyed during the earthquake of Lisbon in 1755, the Medina of Casablanca was rebuilt in 1770 by Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah.It does not have the distinctive mark of Arab-Muslim architecture that characterizes all the ancient Moroccan medinas, but a colonial-style architecture with large windows, high ceilings, and balconies with wrought iron supports.

The medina is in the form of a labyrinth of alleys lined by merchants’ shops and craftsmen’s workshops. Inside you will find beautiful houses that blend with the oldest monuments of Casablanca, including the Dar El Makhzen mosque, the Koubba of SidiBouSmara and the Skala.

  1. The Habous neighborhood:

Unique in Morocco Holidays, the Habous district offers one of the most picturesque faces of Casablanca. This new medina extends in the southern part of the city, just behind the Royal Palace. Born of the urbanism plan initiated by General Lyautey in the 1920s, this “modern” district is worth the detour.Mixing traditional and modern architecture, it is crossed by pleasant alleys where it is good to walk. It also includes many merchants, artisans, and leather souk.

  1. Twin Center:

The Casablanca Twin Center was designed by the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. It is a complex of two towers of 28 floors for 115 meters each. It is located in the heart of the city of Casablanca, more precisely in the district of Maârif, at the crossroads of boulevards Zerktouni and Al Massira Al Khadra. It includes shops, offices and a 5-star hotel.

The Twin Center was inaugurated in 1998 and has become a landmark in Casablanca as well as a place from which to enjoy the best panorama of the city.

  1. Place Mohamed V:

Place Mohamed V was built in 1920. It is the heart of the administrative district of Casablanca. The particularity of this square is essentially the modern architecture of the city, and it includes several diverse and surprising monuments, including those of General Lyautey, erected after the First World War, then to the buildings of the Consulate of France, those of the Palais de Justice, The Prefecture, the post office and the bank.

Not far from this square, there is also a fountain built in 1976, near which visitors like to land.

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