For the sake of safety: Should you choose budgeted or premium tyres?

When buying or replacing car tyres, have you ever considered which ones are the best? With so many choices and types, it’s important to be informed about details to help you choose efficiently. Most of the customers are confused between premium brands and their budgeted counterparts while ignoring one of the most important fact; safety. The details below would help in taking an informed decision whenever buying a pair of tyres.

Premium tyres: All the worth for extra investment

Price difference between both the tyre tyres can be significant but, much needs to be considered before reaching a conclusion on choosing as well as clear understanding the reason between the cost variation. The answer goes right into the research and development which bigger brands prioritise above all thereby formulation and testing of the new rubber compounds, tread patterns and interior structure.

Professional test drivers initially work with prototype models in the real and simulated world. If the results are too good to be true that is without any single scratch, the process restart for assurance and deeper analysis. Superiority and dominance of premium tyres in Abu Dhabi and automotive sector all over the world is well accepted. It’s obvious of the car manufacturers and drivers to focus on tyre quality which contributes directly to the safety.

Premium tyres come with enhanced safety

When questioned, both small and prominent tyre dealers agree on superiority and better quality of the premium tyres that are critical factors of road safety. It’s obvious that low-grade rubber compositions contributes to poor traction or grip on the road in wet weather which increases the stopping distance.

Rating between “A” and “F” in the European Union complements to the ability of tyres to grip on the road with “A” being the best and “F” for poorest. It isn’t surprising for the poorer “F” rating to be found on budgeted tyres which increases the stopping or braking distance on wet terrains by 18-metres approximately which leads to a matter of life and death when driving at a higher speed.

Slow to deteriorate & wear

No doubt, premium tyres costs more initially but expected lifetime of these is significantly greater which means a wise investment for long-term peace of mind. With this, the sturdier rubber quality further contributes to slow deterioration and wearing which promises improved driving experience. And since you wouldn’t be replacing the tyres frequently, it would save you more in terms of cost, time and inconvenience against the cheaper alternatives.

Fuel efficiency & quieter

A tyre’s quality and overall built directly impacts on fuel efficiency and amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the vehicle. During the course of one year, premium tyres bearing the “A” ratings can save as much as 80-litres of fuel. Now you can add this to investing in multiple budgeted counterparts and it’s obvious that premium tyres are best in almost every way while contributing to the reduced greenhouse emissions. Premium-grade Dunlop tyres are much quieter which means the very design of these reduces external noise while keeping you in the legal limits on the road.


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