Common eye injuries & treatment

Some of the eye injuries require immediate treatment or ever surgery to prevent permanent vision loss and damage to the eye while other only need simple monitoring. But one may be confused between the emergency situations and common injuries so here’s all you need to know!

Corneal abrasion (scratched eye)

Getting poked in the eye, rigorous rubbing when exposed to foreign body like dust or sand are a few common causes of corneal abrasions. These can be quite uncomfortable causing severe light sensitivity and redness in the eye. If you’re certain that something has indeed scratched the eye, a visit to your eye doctor in Dubai is extremely important who’d determine severity of the anomaly.

Scratches also leave the eye vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections that can bring harm in less than 24-hours. In most severe infections, blindness may also result which is true if the cause of scratch was dirty or contaminated. Eye infection can also occur from unexpected sources like branches of a tree and even fingernails of babies.

Eye exposure to caustic foreign substance

While unexpected splash or spray of harmless water to the eye can be scary, caustic foreign substance is absolutely dangerous that causes serious chemical burn or eye injury. These so called “caustic foreign substance/object” is a composition of;

  • Acid: It’s obvious for acid to cause significant redness and burning but immediate treatment and washing can save from permanent damage.
  • Alkali: Basic (alkali) substances are far more dangerous than acid but don’t cause immediate pain, redness or burning like acids. Some of the common alkali substances include chalk dust, oven and toilet bowl cleaners.

Whether basic or acidic, immediate treatment is crucial to prevent deeper or serious eye injury. Other than exposure to chemicals or splashing of the liquid, burns can be caused by involuntary rubbing of the eye with contaminated hands or exposure to hairspray and various concentrated aerosols. Contact your eye doctor in Dubai or emergency care for professional recommendations against such eye injuries.

Eye inflammation

Swelling of the eyes and eyelids is mostly caused by forceful impact from a fast moving object. The best and immediate treatment from such injury is placing an ice pack directly. You might have a simple bruising around the eye known as black eye however, doctor’s recommendation is crucial to ensure there isn’t any internal damage.

Bleeding of the eye (subconjunctival haemorrhages)

Internal leaking of the blood between white of the eye (sclera) and the clear covering (conjunctiva) due to ruptured vessel is known as subconjunctival haemorrhage that happens even with the slightest eye injury. It can be limited to particular portion of the eye or may extend to the entire eye which turns the sclera bright red. The anomaly fades or heals by itself which requires no treatment other than preliminary examination for safety. The eye would appear normal within a week or so!


Most of the eye doctors have emergency contacts for serious injuries so make use if needed. In extreme situation like deep penetration of an object it eh eye requires immediate emergency care. Don’t take any risk with the eyesight and treat all injuries as potential emergencies.

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