5 Things you must Know Before you hire the House cleaners

Do you expect enough from your housecleaners? If you are being reasonable with your expectation, it’s fine. But most of the house owners are quite over expecting from their cleaners they have hired. If you are up for hiring the professional House cleaning Dubai, here are a few things that you should know. So let’s dig in;

5 Bedrooms can’t be cleaned in 2 Hours

You’ll be quite unfair with your cleaners if you expect a single person to clean 5 bedrooms in 2 hours. Piling up the bulk of work and expecting your cleaners to complete it all in short time is, as a result, making you bear the loss. While your cleaner is in the hustle, he/she might end up breaking or damaging something. Or probably the annoyed cleaner might try to come up with a silent-revenge that’s making you bear all of it in the end. So just make sure you are giving enough time to your cleaners to clean everything properly.

Must have all the Cleaning Products

It’s important for you to have your own cleaner products. Don’t expect your cleaner to get it all. In case you don’t have enough knowledge about it and you think that the professional cleaners would have a better know-how, which they actually have, it’s fine then. Otherwise if you are quite brand conscious and prefer only one specific brand when it comes to choosing the cleaning product, you must buy the product of a specific brand then.

Get the Right Tools and Equipment

When it’s about cleaning, there are so many things to keep in mind especially the right tool. Many homeowners hire the professional house cleaners but don’t have enough equipment. For instance; the recent complain from the housemaid came that “my boss kept on forgetting to get me a mop but it had to do cleaning as well. In that case, I had to clean the floor on my hands and knees with a cloth. It’s really inconsiderate and unfair.”

Asking Cleaners to Sew Button

Even though it’s quite a small task but every second adds up when it comes to house cleaning. There are few specific tasks assigned to your cleaners when you hire him/her and everything is mostly mentioned in the contract as well. When you expect something that’s not in their job description, you are, no offense, being creepy. Just like asking your cleaners to sew the button and doing other jobs such as; scrubbing out the mail box, cleaning the wheel of your bike or car, or even pulling out the refrigerator from behind.

Dirty Shoes and Cleaned Floor

That’s one of the most horrible combination in this world because, mostly, the cleaner’s temperature hikes to the maximum. In fact, many cleaners also complain that “I just cleaned the floor. Then some idiot came with the dirty shoes and passed by ruining it all.” So please make sure you are being fair with your cleaners and give them the respect that they deserve.


Do you know about the things that you must know before hiring the professional housecleaners? Just check out the article now.


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