20 Tips for Shifting the Home

Shifting the house hold materials from one place to another is not an easy task. Sometimes small mistakes may leads to damage of materials. So proper planning is needed. Some of the precautions taken while shifting the materials are explained below.

  1. You must cover all the furniture with clothes or plastic sheets, while shifting the home. These types of clothes are available in all hardware stores. This type of covering helps the furniture from damage.
  2. Buy empty cardboard boxes to pack the household materials in order to shift from one home to other. Also make sure that the cardboard is thick enough to hold the materials. Packing must be done such that it can be easily unpack after reaching the destination.
  3. Furniture can be exported in a van. Care should be taken while shifting materials such as glass or other glass made materials. You can pack and place such that the glass will not break. Also make sure that the van does not vibrate.
  4. Materials such as computer, television, refrigerator, mixer, grinder and other materials must be packed and shifted carefully. You can use their respective packets to shift them.
  5. Clothing materials can be packed and kept in a suitcase in order to prevent from damage.
  6. If you are shifting the luggage to long distance, call any drivers who know the route and can deliver the items safely in time. Also make sure that they insure the damage or loss occurred.
  7. If you are not confident to shift your own materials, you can give the task to any professional shifter. They provide the services for packing and shifting.
  8. Put together a packing kit. If more than one individual is packing, continue organized by set up a system.
  9. Reuse boxes. You may still need a few cardboard boxes to round out your moving kit.
  10. Take inventory. This is mainly essential if you’re hiring a shifting company. Having a record of your domestic items is useful if something lost.
  11. Label everything! Label all sides of the box. Try classifying each side in marker so you can easily find what you need in a stack.
  12. Find out your condo rules. Moving into a condo isn’t as easy as dragging up to the front door and packing your boxes onto a pulley. Be sure to check the moving before setting up.
  13. Bundle the things you need to pack. You need to take your bags with you. Put it in a box. You may need to take away them for transport.
  14. Whether you have family or skilled movers showing up at your doorsteps, be prepared for them when they reach your destination. With a shifting company, be ready and packed before the team get there
  15. Protect your valuables. If you’re moving a computer or laptop, do a speedy backup of important files and records immediately in case something occur in transit.
  16. Delay deliveries. That will help you focus your mind on moving day itself and will avoid any blocking between shifting people, packers and the movers.
  17. Don’t fault possessions for trash. Try to avoid packing things in trash bags.
  18. Hook up essential services. Make sure you realize how valuable bills like gas, cable, water, milk, electricity will be shifted over to you from a previous owner.
  19. Find a pet sitter for the day. Be sure to place your pet in safe, so that its transport to your new home will be confrtable.
  20. Make nice with your neighbours and inform them that, you are shifting to a new house.

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  1. Shifting home is the biggest work , One has to take care of everythings . Nice articles will keep this things in mind
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