10 Tips to avoid Electrical Issues in Home

Electricity is one of the greatest technological innovations. It has become part of our everyday life. It is important to run our appliances at home efficiently. Each day, electricity plays a key role in running homes smoothly.

While we enjoy using it, we should also know how to avoid electrical problems at home. When it comes to household electrics, safety is paramount. Signs of electrical problems on your home circuit can be seen with flickering lights, high energy bills, and damaged appliances. Electricity does increase the chance of problems in your home. It is important to minimize the risks by familiarizing yourself with common electrical problems and also pay attention to the signs of electrical problems at home to prevent future damage or accidents.

Tips to avoid electrical problems at home

  • Don’t overload electrical sockets – It is all too easy to overload electrical sockets. If your extension plug has four sockets, it does not mean you can use all four and it is also not safe to use that way. You may be overloading your sockets if you notice a slight burning smell or your fuse box keep tripping.
  • Early signs of electrical fault – If you notice dark patches, blackened marks or sootiness around plug sockets, appliances, cables it means that electrical item is creating a fire hazard. A burning smell indicates that plug or fuse is heating up beyond safety levels. If you experience slight shock or notice sparks when you remove or insert a plug, then it means there is an electrical problem in that appliance or wiring.
  • Do not use damaged items – Plugs or appliances that show signs of damage or exposed wire should not be used. It has to be repaired or replaced.
  • Washing machines and other kitchen appliances consume a lot of electricity. Do not connect these with an extension cord. Use one appliance per plug socket. Overloading extension cords can prove to be hazardous.
  • Switch off all kitchen and electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Keep all your electrical appliances clean and well-maintained. To ensure good and efficient working of your AC, you can enter into AC Maintenance contract with electrical maintenance companies in Dubai. They will provide all electrical services for your home at an affordable price.
  • Check your wires and cables periodically. Light switches may not work when the wiring is loose or device may be cracked internally. Hire a professional electrician to inspect your wiring. You can avail electrical services in Dubai from reputed and reliable home maintenance companies.
  • Flickering lights may be due to a loose light bulb or a defective one. This problem requires a professional electrician to ensure complete repair.
  • If you are doing minor repairs to your television or refrigerator, make sure you unplug the appliance to avoid injuries and shocks.
  • When you remove the plug from the wall socket, never place your fingers on the metal prongs of the plug as it can give you an electrical shock.
  • Keep all electrical items away from sinks and areas of water including bathroom. Water and electricity do not mix, rather produces shocks.

Avoid doing your own electric repairs. Call a trained professional to deal with your repairs. It is best to have regular electrical maintenance of your home done by Electrical Services Companies in Dubai to prevent emergencies or accidents.


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