5 Smart & Safe Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

If you live in a city chances are you have had trouble finding storage space for all your stuff. It’s not that you are a hoarder, apartments and living spaces in cities in general are getting more cramped and smaller. When this happens it can be tempting to just shove things in boxes and hide them. But, with a little ingenuity there are plenty of safe and secure storage solutions available.While it is by no means exhaustive, this list has ideas to fit all your needs, from hidden safes to easy access wall hangers. We’ve kept it short, giving you just enough to, hopefully, start looking around your space and seeing potential.


You can easily create another storage space in your living room by purchasing a hollow ottoman, aka footrest or footstool. These can be bought or made by covering the outside of an existing storage box or other similar sized cabinet or by hollowing out an ottoman you already own.

Remove Closet Doors

This is suggested for when closets are located in places that you want to put furniture in front of. Taking away the doors means you don’t have to keep the area in front of the doors clear and you can still use the inside for storage.You can easily hide any clutter by hanging curtains instead.

Hidden safes

If security is important to you, you will be happy to hear that there are many ways to hide your safe. As mentioned above, it is possible to convert a small safe into an ottoman. There are a number of other ways people have hidden their bulky safes such as building them into a:

  • Bedside table
  • Bookcase
  • Wall and hanging mirrors or sliding bookcases in front of them
  • Bottom of the sofa

You can also buy hidden in plain sight furniture and bookcases if you do not want to try your hand at some, admittedly, serious renovation projects.

Wall Storage

Building shelving in small spaces is a great way to optimize your space. Wall-hung storage however is different from shelving in that it does not stick out so far. Hence in really tight places this will be a better fit. If you are having a hard time visualizing what this looks like, a quick Google search will give you tons of ideas.

Bed Modification

This is inits own category because there are just so many ways you can go about doing this. From simply buying a bed with built in storage or building some nice side panels to buying a separate bottom for your bed and customizing it for long term storage. You can modify your bed so that is easy to access the storage units or make it a more long term storage space since your bed probably takes up a large space in your small apartment, figuring out how you can utilize yours for extra storage will be very beneficial for you in the long run.

There are plenty of ideas out there, both DIY and things you can buy that will help maximize your space for storage, just Google it!


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